1. Take A Chance

    And with that, I leave you with my final parting words: take chances. Take a chance on the bright red lipstick you didn’t think you could pull off, take a chance in submitting your resume to that position posted on Media Bistro that seems unattainable, take a chance on the boy you think of as “just a friend.”  Take a chance on your dreams. Take a chance on yourself. If you make one resolution for 2012, let that be it.” - Mary Ann, nycprgirls.com


  2. "Sometimes it’s worth getting dolled up for evening plans, even if they fall through. There’s something special about eating take-out in a sparkly dress with no plans to leave the house."
    — Cupcakes & Cashmere
  3. Spotted: Me adoring Blake Lively’s look from head to toe on tonight’s GG. From the loose side braid, fitting dress, structured shoulders, metallic heels and statement necklace, S can do no wrong!

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  4. Peter Som perfection.

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  5. I basically love every track from Drake’s latest “Take Care” but this song is definitely one of my favorites! The lyrics are most fitting for me in my life at the moment with college coming to an end and getting closer to finding my dream job! Exciting things to come :)

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  6. Loving Rihanna’s “Talk That Talk” album! Obsessed with the name, and love that Jay-Z is on the track. I might just have to post all of the songs like my first favorite “We Found Love”. Here’s another highlight with “Where Have You Been”…

    I feel like I was still jamming to “Loud” not too long ago! Also, loving Drake’s “Take Care” album, who isn’t?

    I will have to add my favorites from that album next! Enjoy!

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  7. NYC bound this Thursday! Let’s just say I hope to learn more about what life has in store for me after this trip. Will be sure to update when I return. In the meantime, here’s the anthem in addition to “Empire State of Mind” of course…wish me luck!



  8. Fabulous clothes from the ALEXANDER WANG Fall/Winter 2011 collection and Nicki Minaj “Did It on ‘Em” is in this runway mix…what more could you want?

  9. Been eyeing this Nars shade since it came out in the summer! My perfect autumn blue hue!


  10. I’m Back!

    Hello fellow Fashionistas!

    Unfortunately I have been tweeting my CollegeFashionista.com Trend Reports but not adding them to my Tumblr! I hope you have some time to catch up on them below and will explain my new role with the site as well as a summer catch up with my internship with Victoria’s Secret corporate! I am now the Head Style Guru for CollegeFashionista.com on my campus for the newly launched column “All About Beauty”. What is awesome about this column is that only a few Gurus got picked to launch it and it will be co-written with leading beauty experts in the industry! Stay tuned to learn more, I am taking 18 credit hours and graduating in December so learning the art of time management and balance with everything going on! Can’t wait to share with you all soon! Have a fashionable week!



  11. My style star is wearing a look-a-like blazer to my white one! Love this—and the jeweled headpiece is so different! R. Bilson always does it right.

  12. Birthday nails! Deep olive! So fall.


  13. Another jam, be ready for me to reblog this whole album.

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  14. I’ve been waiting for this album to drop and now this track features 3 of my favorites! Obsessed. Also could the album name be more genius? I need tour tickets ASAP. My siblings out there, are you reading this? My b-day is coming up…not to mention again it’s the same as Beyonce’s b-day (September 4th) …meant to be!

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  15. Fall look from ShopBop I need in my life!